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Meet the 2016 New Wrinkle Publishing Writers Contest WINNER

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The WINNER of the 2016 New Wrinkle Publishing Writers Contest is . . .



The Mysterious Tale of Gregory Shirton

(Working Title)

Genre: Youth Fiction

While there were many great entries, this entry kept shouting out to us. Our team fell in love with this quirky tale about Gregory, a Grimbockle and exoodles. We could easily envision it finished with illustrations and a soundtrack.

Meet our winner. . . Melanie Schubert.

Melanie was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and has been an aspiring writer since childhood.

“I think almost from the time I could hold a pen in my hand, I have been writing silly songs and strange tales. Even as a child, I was always dreaming up my next novel idea.”

Before landing her current job as a song and script writer for a children’s performing arts company in New Zealand called, Gobsmacked, Melanie tried her hand at many potential careers. Amongst other things, she explored teaching, housekeeping, flight-attending, nursing, and even worked at an easter-egg factory.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence to pursue a career in writing.

“Everyone tells you, ‘be whatever you want’ when you’re a kid, but then if you dream too big they tell you, ‘get a real job’ . . .

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized, a real job is whatever is real for you, and flowers will bloom where seeds are planted. I think one day I just realized I’d rather walk towards my dreams and fail than live anyone else’s dreams.”

As with most writers, Melanie dreams about having a few best-selling books but her heart says…

“I don’t want to create books that are just best sellers for a moment. My dream would be to write books that are lasting… things that move people in small, mysterious ways–or put a fire in their belly for the things they love, give them hope and challenge them to become the best version of the themselves.”

When we asked Melanie how she felt about winning our contest, she said this . . .

“I feel so happy and honoured to have been chosen as your winner. . . . It is difficult to put all my feelings into words, but suffice to say it feels like confirmation from the universe (and New Wrinkle) that the narrow path I’ve been carving out for myself is exactly the one I should be on.

. . . I really am so excited to be a part of the New Wrinkle team. From the first time I stumbled across your website, I thought to myself, “there’s something wonderful going on here.” Even all the way over here in Australia, I can feel your creativity, drive and passion, and it’s exciting to think you feel similarly about my work.”

New Wrinkle Publishing is thrilled to have Melanie on board and we are looking forward to sharing her completed book with the world sometime this year!


Stay Tuned!
Next week we’ll be giving a shout out to some of the entries we feel deserve an honorable mention.

As winner of the 2016 New Wrinkle Publishing Writers Contest, Melanie Schubert’s novel, “The Mysterious Tale of Gregory Shirton” (working title) will be professionally designed and edited by contributing sponsors The Book Designers and Hilary Gunning of HG Editing, respectively, and published with illustrations and an original soundtrack by New Wrinkle Publishing. 

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