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Archie of Outlandish Has A New Cover Design

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Archie of Outlandish is a unique story that has presented a lot of design challenges. It is a love story, but from the unique perspective of a young man … what’s more, a young man who lives underneath umbrellas every day of his life.

I scribbled a lot of ideas before settling on a cover concept, and eventually completing our original book cover.

Four of my initial book cover ideas for Archie of Outlandish

My favorite idea was the very first one I had, so I didn’t give it much of my time or attention. Typically, I find that my best visual designs are the ones I arrive at after several tries (i.e. after getting all of the not-so-great/completely craptastic ideas out of my head). So, I moved forward with one of my subsequent concepts, and created our original cover for Archie of Outlandish.

Archie of Outlandish First Release Book Cover
Archie of Outlandish book cover; July 2016 – February 2017

I love this portrait of Archie. I love the contrast of his thoughtful expression with the bright, childish color scheme. But as we started making plans to print Archie of Outlandish (release date TBA), the team agreed that we should revisit the cover design. And together, we fleshed out my very first, very favorite concept.

So, now I have the pleasure of presenting a first look at our brand new design!

"Archie of Outlandish" Newly Redesigned Book Cover
“Archie of Outlandish” Newly Redesigned Book Cover

Things to note …

Archie of Outlandish now has a subtitle

The Man Who Lives Under Umbrellas

We played with this subtitle while the book was still in the works, but ended up not using it. With the new book cover, we found that it totally fit, and we love it. ❤️

Our Illustration and Soundtrack credits are listed on the front of the book.

This might not be 100% traditional for most novels, but New Wrinkle doesn’t do things the “traditional” way, and we want everyone to know right off the bat that they’re going to get a unique experience from this book.

What happens to the soundtrack cover?

It stays exactly the same as it was. After all, we do love that portrait of Archibald … and these look pretty lovely together, right?

“Archie of Outlandish” Book and Soundtrack Covers


What do you think of the new book cover?

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